Why MCM?

It’s the best place to be. Although our technical knowledge, professionalism and client service are highly regarded, our fun and unique culture sets us apart from all other firms. We grow and learn together as a family.


Electric Experiences

We attract and work with a diverse client base that requires a wide range of solutions – giving our team limitless opportunity. Whether you would like to serve clients in a specific industry focus area or diversify your client work, MCM offers experiences that position you for learning, challenge and growth.

Growth Opportunities

We are completely committed to the growth of the team. Through the Professional Game Plan (PGP) process, team members are able to identify key areas for professional development and focus on those key areas. Through Bi-annual performance evaluations and regular periodic updates, employees have the opportunity to receive and give valuable feedback. Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) allow team members to develop individual goals in support of the firm’s overarching goals. Expectations are clearly laid out in advance. MCM coaches are there to help and guide you every step of the way and help you succeed.

More Than Just Numbers

With various internal committees, all team members have the opportunity to gain a wide range of experiences, not just in accounting. As a commitment to balance, we provide opportunities to get up, get out and give back. Participate in community events with fellow MCMers. We have very active charitable giving and wellness committees that remind us to live healthy and wholly!