The People

The people of MCM are dynamic. Whether your are working with a fun and engaging team or mixing and mingling with co-workers at company outings and community events, MCM is not short on friendships. We put the person in personable, and it shows.

access_grantedAccess Granted

MCM industry and service teams are made up of all levels. Whether you’re an intern or new hire, expect to gain immediate access to all the company VIPs. You’ll find that the “big wigs” are friendly and approachable.


Intern Testimonials


Super Intern

Super Intern

“My time here at MCM has been a wonderful learning and personal experience. The people at MCM, from the associates to the partners, have made me feel more like a friend than an intern, and have shared a vast amount of unmatched knowledge with me. I just couldn’t see myself as anything but an MCMer.”

– Alex Cain, Audit, 2012


“The structure for advancing at MCM is such that you have the opportunity to work with individuals that, not too long ago, were in the same position as you. This is encouraging because you are surrounded by individuals that challenge you to advance as they have done. At MCM you are in a community of the best and the brightest, each person has a different skill set and style of completing tasks which enables you to learn a variety of different ways of doing things so that you can find the way that is most efficient for you.”

– Brooke Claggett, Audit, 2012